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Variety of late 17th-century ceramic wares: Westerwald manganese and cobalt (purple and blue) decorated stoneware, Portuguese blue-painted tin-glazed earthenware, and English buff-bodied coarse earthenware.

Independent Archaeological Consulting, LLC is part of the preservation team receiving a 2018 Preservation Achievement Award from the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance for work at the Jackson House in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Historic New England, the owner of the circa-1664 property, conscientiously made structural and drainage improvements at this National Historic Landmark that included archaeological investigation. IAC recovered more than 12,000 artifacts, featuring ceramic wares dating to the last decade of the 1600s, including German Bellarmine and Westerwald stonewares, English brown stoneware, North Devon gravel-tempered redware, buff-colored coarse earthenware with combed decoration, Chinese porcelain and tin-glazed earthenware (“delft”) decorated in a style that can be identified as Portuguese.
Dr. Kathleen Wheeler, Director of IAC, penned an article on the company’s efforts entitled, “Ditching the Old Dishes,” available in the Fall 2016 issue of Historic New England (Vol. 17, No. 2; pp 24-25). The article is available here: https://issuu.com/historicnewengland/docs/hn87_fall2016